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If you get into the Orca Preferences dialog, on the General pane you will find a checkbox called "Show Orca main window". Uncheck it and that window won't appear when you start Orca. To get into the Preferences dialog in the future (i.e. now that your main window is gone) you can always press Orca_Modifier+Space.

Hope this helps!

Josh de Lioncourt wrote:

The dialog for Preference and Quit always sits on your desktop, so far as I know. The first time I ran Orca it displayed the whole of the Preference dialog to start with, and then on subsequent runs it only displayed the Preference/Quit dialog. It seems to be rather like the Jaws or Window-Eyes windows before we could send them away into the system tray.

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On Sep 7, 2007, at 4:18 PM, Christopher Gray wrote:


After logging on in full screen mode, I press alt+f2 and enter orca as instructed. I then get in sppeech and braille a dialog inviting me to enter Preferences or Quit. After choosing Preferences, I fill out various things and it all looks just great. Speech and braille are nicely laid out. I press Ok then tab to and press Quit.

The problem is that every time I enter the Orca command, I get the preferences/quit dialog. The instructions seem to indicate that after the first time, I should just get into Gnome/Orca with no preferences. Is a file not being saved somewhere for Orca to see or what else might be a problem?



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