[orca-list] Speech doesn't stop fast enough.

Hello all,

Firstly, I'm using Ubuntu 7.4 and the latest version of Orca and
Gnome-Speech from SVN.  I have the TTSynth synth installed as well.

When arrowing through messages in Evolution, Orca doesn't stop reading
the previous message fast enough when I arrow up or down to another
message in the list.

I have found that this happens quite a lot.  Is there something that
can be done to fix it?

If you point out what information I need to provide I'll submit a bug.


Keep up the good work.

Sorry if my messages today sound a bit urgent but I am in the process
of preparing another machine here.  When it's all set up and ready to
go, my windows at work days are over so I'm really worried that I'm
going to loose access to something.

On the other side though, even from just running Ubuntu on my laptop,
I'm getting a lot of things done much faster.


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