Re: [orca-list] Speech doesn't stop fast enough.

"DÓH" == Darragh Ó Héiligh <lists digitaldarragh com> writes:

    DÓH> Hello all, Firstly, I'm using Ubuntu 7.4 and the latest version
    DÓH> of Orca and Gnome-Speech from SVN. I have the TTSynth synth
    DÓH> installed as well.

Is it with TTSSynnth only or with espeak too for example?

    DÓH> When arrowing through messages in Evolution, Orca doesn't stop
    DÓH> reading the previous message fast enough when I arrow up or
    DÓH> down to another message in the list.

    DÓH> I have found that this happens quite a lot. Is there something
    DÓH> that can be done to fix it?

You can try numlock off or use default keymap.


Jan Buchal
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