Re: [orca-list] Skype's not accessible, but...

For those it may help, we've found a couple of Python scripts to help with this issue.  We haven't got them installed and working just yet, but here's the link for those it may help.  They will let you answer and hang up calls with a hot key.

Skype seems utterly inaccessible, and yes I'd imagine your guess is correct as to why.  This would be a show-stopper for many people, I'd guess.  Skype is quite accessible on all the other OS's these days, from what I've seen, and it is a pity that more hasn't been done in conjunction with the Skype developers to avoid this.  Hopefully in time they will.  In the mean time, these Python scripts are as good as we'll get.  Perhaps more Python scripts could be created to give us some minimalistic control.

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On Sep 4, 2007, at 12:34 PM, Christopher Gray wrote:


This is interesting and appreciated information.  Using Skype on Ubuntu is 
definitely part of my medium-term plan so thank you for the help.

Is there an understanding of why Skype is so inaccessible on Linux?  Is this 
something that can be addressed in time with Orca scripting?

My first guess is that the QT4 dependency could be a problem because it seems to 
be related to KDE rather than Gnome?



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