Re: [orca-list] Skype's not accessible, but...


If you dont stricktly need to use skype, may i suggest using a sip 
compliant provider?
I use voipstunt, and gizmoproject, but rather than using their clients, 
I have had great success with twinkle commandline version.
I have tried ekiga, linphone, spjsua, and they had one sort of a problem 
or another.
I came across twinkle, (yes it is for KDE, and the graphical interface 
is not accessable), but the config files are straight forward to set up, 
and the command line version is simply delightful.

Hope this is of some help


On Tue 04/09/2007 at 14:57:27, Kenny Hitt wrote:

Your guess is right.  For now, nothing can be done to give Orca access to any app that uses


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