[orca-list] Note on localization/internationalization for Orca in GNOME 2.19

Hi All:

Just a heads up...

We really got beat up by our globalization team for how we were doing i18n in Orca. We promised that we'd make things right ASAP for GNOME 2.19, so we're in the process of doing this.

Until the translators catch up with the updates we're making, the impact of this is that the Orca translations may be out of whack for a while in GNOME 2.19. For example, Hermann, this means the German translations may not be altogether there in GNOME SVN TRUNK for a while and you may end up: 1) hearing Orca strings in English, and/or 2) getting some incomplete Orca strings in German.

There's really nothing we can do to avoid this, and the goal is to make sure we give our translators time to get things right for GNOME 2.20. We need to treat them nicely...they do the work for free.

Thanks for living on the edge!


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