[orca-list] Again: Orca and internet radio

a few weeks ago I reported a problem with Orca and Rhythmbox when
listening to internet radio:
As long as Orca is active I cannot hear anything when starting to play a
station. Turning Orca off and getting back to RB, the stream starts.
Some list members suspected a hardware problem concerning my sound
device. However I doubt whether this is the reason why I can't listen to
Yesterday and today I've tested again, and I discovered a strange
phenomenon: While RB tries to play the stream, the following line
appears when I type:
ps aux
hermann   6865  0.0  0.5   3920  1376 ?        S    10:47
0:00 /usr/bin/wget -q -t 0 -O /dev/null -w 2 http://localhost:20433
When I kill Orca, the line has gone, the same when I kill RB. When I
kill wget, Orca is gone too.
What has wget to do with all that, and why does it connect to
localhost:20433, the port Orca uses when acting as local TTS server?
I must add, that Orca locks up during the whole procedure. Closing RB
brings it back.
Any ideas?

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