[orca-list] Thunderbird: Seven weeks and only little progress!

Hi all,
I'm going to test the latest Thunderbird; today there's a new version after 7 weeks.
Let me say that I'm more than disappointed:
No progress in stability: When I open a message to read it, TB crashes after I've closed it. In the messages list I still cannot read the headline, I still se "Cell" as only information. Sluggishnes in response: To scroll the folders tree can last a few minutes, especially after start up I've to wait literally minutes before reading anything. The same happens when I try to route the flat review; it last about 5 minutes till I get a response, and BTW, the routing patch implemented for FF doesn't work here. When I compose a message, I Get the headlines spoken again and again when I type in text, and the text isn't shown on my braille display; only in the message body Orca acts correctly.
Caret browsing only works reliable when the Orca control is turned on.
Sumary: Still unusable.

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