Re: [orca-list] Firefox wish list.

I think that the discussion in this list should be based on reasonable
thinking and arguing, not on ideology.
When someone suggests to implement a feature, we can of course argue
about its sense, but the fact that it might remember at features that
are known from the MS world is not at all a reson why it shouldn't be
We can't get anywhere, if people know very well what they don't want.
But I would be very pleased to hear from a particular person what he
_does_ want.
I think what Joanie has implemented during the last week points into the
right direction, and the only comment I can made on this work is "Go
My aspirations to make any application accessible are reliability, speed
and responsiveness, and I couldn't care less about the fact, whether an
idea comes from the Windows world or elsewhere. 
If someone on this list suggests new features we can argue about it, but
on a strictly rational base.

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