[orca-list] Firefox wish list.

I'm not sure if people have already suggested these functions:

Add keystrokes control  + end and control + home to jump to the end
and start of the open page.
Break up the page content by placing all links on a new line.
so for example: {} denotes a link.
The {Orca} mailing list would be read as
Mailing list.
I know the Firefox team are adding keystrokes but here are a few that
I would really like to see:
t: jump to tables.
e: Jump to edit fields.
f: jump to form fields.
x: jump to checkboxes.
c: jump to combo boxes.
b: jump to buttons.
r: jump to radio button.
q: jump to quote.
d: jump to different element.
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9  jump to heading of level...

Just as a matter of interest, how hard are these quick keys to create?

On one final unrelated point.
It would be great if pressing alt on it's own would give focus to the menu bar.

This would fix one of the problems encountered by the user referenced
in the study on the gnome orca live website where the basics menu item
was not found by the user as it didn't follow the standard alt f


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