Re: [orca] Orca Acroread fix checked in (was Re: What happened to the Acroread script?)

Hi Joanie, Hermann,

What I believe that means is the following:

1. When you updated from svn, subversion attempted to update your existing (i.e. presumably the modified one from Rich) to the brand new one (i.e. the one where I moved a bunch of methods) and failed to do so. I think that's what the "<<<<<<< .mine" bit is all about.

Yup. Been there. Done that myself. (I always felt it was a bit more obvious with
CVS than it is with SVN when it did a merge).

As for what to do: You need to blow away your current and get a new one. Easiest way to do that in my opinion is:

1. cd into the directory where you have Orca from svn (e.g. ~/orca).
2. rm src/orca/scripts/
3. svn update

Yes, that's the easiest fix.

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