Re: Orca spells passwords in text applications

Hi Hermann:

It is indeed key echo that is causing this. When Orca knows the user is typing in a password field, it will purposely bypass the key echo. The problem you're running into is that Orca has no idea you are typing a password -- you're typing in a terminal window. As such, Orca happily echoes the keys as you type them.

The "simple" workaround is to see if the text output matches the key that is typed. Unfortunately, these things come at Orca in separate events and they are unbound to each other. As such, I'm not sure of a straightforward way to let Orca know you're typing a password in a terminal window and thus bypass key echo. As a workaround, we could come up with a scheme for you to quickly enable/disable key echo. There's a related RFE on this in the Orca bugzilla database:

Would that be an OK alternative?


hermann wrote:
Hi Will,
I use either w3m or links, it happens in both programs.
As example see:
But it happens on any site.
I indeed have keyecho turned on, but my guess is, that Orca identifies
the password field in text browsers as normal text box, while it doesn't
so in, for example, Firefox. Only a thought.

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