Re: Orca spells passwords in text applications

Hi Hermann:

Do you have key echo turned on? This would cause keys to be echoed as they are typed, and thus might cause the echoing you are hearing. The solution is to turn key echo off. Unfortunately, I'm going to guess it's not that simple since you don't seem to experience the same problem in desktop apps and since you see "*" on the braille display.

Which text browser are you using and which web site are you visiting? I'd like to try to reproduce the problem here.


hermann wrote:
Hi again,
when I use a text browser in the Gnome terminal and I've to type in a
password on a webpage, Orca spells it out. This doesn't happen in
desktop applications. I think this shouldn't happen for security
reasons. The braille display does not show the password, it shows
asterisks "*".
Is there a way to correct this?

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