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At the risk of opening an unnecessary can of worms, is Epiphany viable at all? I seem to get no fruitful results when I use apt-get to retrieve it. In *some* ways, it worked better for a little while than firefox, though now it seems to be unavailable.

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OK, the Saturday FF is the last stable one. A few minutes ago I
installed the very latest (12th of March), and, believe it or not, it is
even worse than the yesterday's one.
But one additional observation: On Saturday I reported the bookmarks
menu bug as gone; after installing Saturday's FF it is back. Seems to
become a never ending story.
If this goes on, I think we should take a look for alternatives. As far
as I know, there aren't other browsers, working under Gnome and AT-SPI.
But perhaps someone knows more.

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