Re: Orca seems to get stuck on links with Firefox 3

Hello Hermann,
where can I stay up to date about the latest improvements of 
Orca and Firefox 3? I really was surprised to hear about the 
possibility to change the caret mode. I also found out 
accidentally that there's a new comman "o" 
and "shift+o" to move from chunk to chunk.
I have just asked Al Puzzuoli who is one of the contributors to the WIKI at to add all the new keystrokes for web navigation.  You
can also check out the Changelog in your orca source directory to see each
change as it is made.  
BTW: Why should I turn off caret control by Firefox? If there 
The orca method completely overrides the native firefox navigation for the
caret so it really doesn't matter if you have F7 enabled or not when you are
allowing orca to handle caret navigation.  

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