Re: Orca seems to get stuck on links with Firefox 3

Hi Krister.

Sometimes the way a page is marked up causes Orca to get stuck. We're working on identifying the various conditions which cause this to occur and fix them (if they are Orca bugs) or file them (if they are Firefox bugs).

In order to identify what the specific problem is in your case, it would be helpful to have the URL where you get stuck, the exact location on that page where you got stuck, and what keystrokes you used to get stuck. From there, we should be able to figure out the specific cause.

I encourage anyone who finds such a problem to provide this information on the list. I realize it's "one more thing to do" when all you wanted to do was read the page. <smile> But it would be really helpful to getting to the bottom of things.

In the meantime, when you get stuck using up and down arrow, try moving by word with control and the arrow keys. I have found that when I get stuck moving by line, I can move by word a few times and then resume navigating as usual. I think this would be preferable to using Tab as you might be skipping over plain text.

Hope this helps!

Krister Ekstrom wrote:
Hi to the list again,
Yesterday i downloaded the then latest nightly build of Firefox and the
latest svn version of Orca and was trying to surf as usual when to my
horror navigation seemed to get stuck, not only in complex tables, which
i have a feeling that it often can get stuck in but also on rows
containing links. I couldn't move the cursor up or down and the only way
to get out of this was to tab to the next link and then try navigating
with arrow keys again. Anyone else encountered this problem? Does it
sound familiar for developers? and thirdly what should i do?
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