[orca-list] gaim messenger viewing contacts list

Hello all

I have been experiencing a rather strange thing with gaim messenger.  When I go to the aps menu and press enter on gaim internet messenger, it seems to log me on but it won't show me the contacts list.  I have tried deleting my account and making it over again.  I have also tried disinstalling and reinstalling the program 

sudo apt-get remove gaim 

sudo apt-get install gaim 

Neither of thees attempts have worked.  I know it is logging on because wehn when I am logged on with my mac, and then log into gaim, my mac get's kicked off the service.  I also know because when I try to log on a second time, through gaim, the program tells me that I am already logged on from another location, namely that I am already logged on with gaim.  

A little help please?

Justin Harford 

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Fawn M. Brodie

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