Re: Orca Does anyone use Fielzilla

Hi all

I have been looking for ftp clients, and I have found gftp, which is not
so updated, seems that it uses gtk 1.2 and gtk+ 2.x. 
I can start it and Orca freezes at the moment of flat review the
I remembered using it with the Gnopernicus SR, but some widgets was not
reach by keyboard and missed some labels on controls.

Another option that I am giving a try is Junkie, is like is not an old
project (version 0.3.x) and it works fine by keyboard, although the
program sometimes crashes on my Ubuntu Edgy.
Junkie site is
at the moment the site seems down, but you can get it from site. There are others client Java based, would be
interesting to test it and improve the Java platform support in Orca.
Another option as a download manager is gwget, is an graphical frontend
for wget GTK based.

Hope this help!



        El lun, 12-02-2007 a las 09:31 -0500, Joanmarie Diggs escribiÃ:
Oh my!!!  I'm really sorry to hear that Hermann. <frown>  I couldn't 
tell you what was going on as it worked beautifully for me.  I tested it 
on Feisty.  Can you give me more info on your set up?  Perhaps I can 
reproduce the problem.


hermann wrote:
Hi Joanie,
sorry, but d4x completeley screwed up my system.
After I tried to open an FTP site, the screen was scrolled all the time,
and Orca didn't respond anymore.
Killing the process wasn't possible, because the whole system was locked
up and didn't take any commands.
After I succeeded in rebooting my system, I couldn't open any
application, Orca - or the system - seems to hang.
After setting Orca and the Gnome speech server back to its former
versions, there was no fix of the problem.
Only a few reboots brought it finally back, so I could update Orca to
2.17.91 and the Gnome speech server to 0.4.9 again. Now everything
works; I immediately deinstalled d4x.
Do you have any idea what there was going on?
Btw.: It would be really nice, if there is a graphical frontend for
lftp, as Krister suggested.

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