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Hi Bryen:

As of 3 seconds ago (I just checked), there are 281 members. The thing I really enjoy about this list is the positive and constructive atmosphere everyone brings. Thanks everyone!


Bryen wrote:
Welcome to all  :-)

On a side note, I'm very curious to know if anyone has come up with any
figures for number of blind Linux users?  It'd be interesting to see
what the numbers are.    How many members are on the orca-list?


On Tue, 2007-12-18 at 20:14 +0200, Negoslav Sabev wrote:
Hello all,

Yesterday I became a member of this list. My name is Negoslav Sabev. I'm a
computer user since I became fully blind 4 years ago. I'm hoping me and
Linux will become friends with Orca's help:)). I'm very new to Linux so for
now I'll just reading your posts and ask from time to time.

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Hello everyone.  My name is Danny.  I am back on the Orca list after
some time of being away.  So I thought I should introduce myself again.
I have been a computer user for many years.  My first exposure was to
terminals connected to a main frame.  I worked with someone who told
me what wwas on the screen.
Then it was md-dos.  I used a screen-reader with a bulky synthesizer,
at a college lab.
Then I started using windows.  Finally I am using a Macintosh,
version 10.4.11, and it is not the best for reading web pages.
However I really like the fact I can install the operating system on
my own.
After I get a used pc, I will give linux a try.
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