Re: [orca-list] Orca performance

Yes my example may fall under the topics in that bug, but I think there
may be something else in there as well, as pressing tab to move between
page elements also leads to a slow response around the time/date section
of that page, so not just moving line by line as described in that bug
report and what it seems to be trying to solve, although it may come
down to the same reason (I just don't know enough of the internal
workings of Orca to actually know). One thing I did notice in that bug
report is something to do with combo boxes, that example I give does
have two combo boxes with quite a number of items each on the same line,
might this be part of the problem?

Michael Whapples
On Tue, 2007-12-18 at 08:50 -0500, Willie Walker wrote:
Just to follow up, we're tracking one of the bigger performance problems 
via this bug:  I've 
just added Michael's comments to the bug.



Willie Walker wrote:
Thanks Michael!  We'll take a look at these specific problems.  Having 
specific content to look at really helps a lot.


Michael Whapples wrote:
I know that Will said that in orca 2.21.4 performance has been improved,
but there are still some parts which could do with some serious
improvement, and I feel until sorted it makes orca poor for general use
(in that area).

The example I am going to give here is related to firefox and web
browsing. There are some pages (some parts of some pages) where orca is
extremely slow. An example is at (, select
the "East midlands" area and then select plan a journey. Navigate that
page. At the section where you specify time and date of the journey,
orca becomes really slow. You may also have noticed another bug on that
page, for some reason Orca will not allow cursoring down beyond that
first text box amongst the main navigation links, and only pressing tab
will get you beyond it, and once beyond it you can continue to cursor

Both of those problems have been in existence for some time. Other parts
of websites are slow, but I can't currently think of one in such detail,
and that one I have described is probably about one of the most serious
performance issues.

I previously noticed other slow parts in other applications, but I will
leave those for now as I haven't tested them since I upgraded.

Michael Whapples

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