Re: [orca-list] Another speech dispatcher crash.

Fabrizio Marini wrote:
Tomas Cerha ha scritto:
Usually /var/log/speech-dispatcher (depends on
In that folder there are many log files; some of then are compressed. Shall I send to you all of them?
Please send us speech-dispatcher.log and espeak.log .
I only use espeak. May I delete the festival.log and flite.log files?
Why do you want to do so? If you do not use the modules, they will be almost empty.
Ok. When my speech-dispatcher will work fine, could I avoid it to make log files?
Again, why do you want to do that? If you disable logging entirely,
you won't get any information about any errors. You can do it by
setting LogLevel to 0 (the logfile will be created empty). I recommend
to set LogLevel to the default 3 for normal operation however, that
should produce only a very little amount of data.

With regards,
Hynek Hanke

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