Re: [orca-list] please help with orca 2.21.2

Could you do one of the following:
1. Start gnome-terminal (you can do this by pressing alt+f2 and then
typing gnome-terminal and then pressing enter). from here just run orca
(by typing orca and pressing enter). What error messages do you get?
Or (particularly if you can't read the errors coming out using method
2. start gnome-terminal (as in 1.). Now start orca but redirecting the
error output to a file (by typing something like 
orca 2>orca-errors
and then pressing enter). Send this file orca-errors.

Even before you send these I have a couple of suggestions:
Are you sure it is 2.21 (2 dot 21) which comes with ubuntu? Normally the
version numbers have three parts, could it have been 2.20.1 (2 dot 20
dot 1)? I don't know what version it relates to but, recently orca has
had a couple of extra dependencies (eg. pyat-spi). Does installing
pyat-spi help?

Michael Whapples
On Sun, 2007-12-09 at 11:52 +0100, Juan A Fuentes Bermudez wrote:
sorry for my english 
i an run orca 2.21 under ubuntu 7.10 spanish version, it work fine
i install 2.21.2 version and orca no load and not run 
in the readme file say that this version work under gnome 2.21, where
i can download this version or how can update gnome 2.21 under my

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