Re: [orca-list] Question about Magnifier Zoomer settings

On Thu, 2007-12-06 at 15:06 -0200, Carlos DiÃgenes wrote:
Hi Bryen

2007/12/5, Bryen <suseROCKS bryen com>:

On Wed, 2007-12-05 at 11:44 -0500, Mike Wigle wrote:
I was curious, will it ever be possible to get full screen magnification out of gnome-mag?

Michael Wigle

I think it is POSSIBLE to do that with the settings.  However, from what
I can tell, if  you use gnome-mag as the full screen magnifier, then you
can't really work within the magnifier since the magnifier is a separate
window from your workspace and your mouse/keyboard functions occur
outside the magnifier.

I've been able to achieve full screen magnification with the vmg app I
mentioned in an earlier thread.  But the drawback on that app is that it
won't allow for typing/clicking at all.

I don't understand the point here. In Ubuntu 7.10 full-screen
magnification works out of the box. If this is not working it's
probably due hardware support, since 7.10 comes with COMPOSITE enabled
by default. I think that in some video cards composite doesn't work,
but you can verify it by opening a terminal and typing:

#: xdpyinfo | less

Then you can type '/' and then 'Composite' and press 'Enter'. It must
found and highlight the word 'Composite', other way will appear
'Pattern not found', so the COMPOSITE extension is not present.

In Ubuntu 7.10 you must just start Orca and the magnifier will work
for full-screen magnification. There are some bugs, like you continue
to see the unmagnified pointer and sometimes the magnifier doesn't
update the window properly, but this is not a frequent behavior

Best regards,

You may be right.  From something I read on a different magnifier
program since that posting, I read that hadware support is crucial.  I
am upgrading my hardware as we speak and it will include supported 3d
graphics card.  After that, it may be that I am proven definitely wrong.
There's a first time for everything.  :-)


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