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Just to follow up, I've added the "{top,bottom,right,left} half of the screen" notes to


Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diógenes wrote:
Hi Bryen,

2007/11/29, Bryen <suseROCKS bryen com>:
I pose this only as a question and not a criticism, as I wish to learn
the reasoning behind the development of key pieces of Orca.

When I first used Orca with the magnifier, it took up the full right
half of my screen.  Personally, I prefer the magnifier to be across the
top of my screen.  After some poking around, I found the zoomer settings
under the magnifier tab.  It took some trial and error as I tried to
figure out what the numeric values meant for top bottom left right.  My
settings are now

top 1
bottom 201
left 100
right 1014

Has there been any discussion about making this easier for the end-user?
I was thinking that there are two ways to make it easier:

One would be to be able to grab and re-size the magnifier window just
like you would any other window on your desktop.

I believe that this a great enhancement to be done in gnome-mag (yeah,
this is the underlying magnifier program), but I guess that gnome-mag
will not see any new features in a near future, since in the last
months I was the only active programmer in it, and I dropped this work
for an undefined amount of time, since I have other priorities.

The other way would be to change the zoomer setting options to a more
user-friendly set of options.  Like zoomer position = top half, bottom
half, left half or right half.

I also think that this can be great and this is really easy to do, and
be sure, you ask for it in the right mailing list! Probably in the
next release of orca you will see something like this.

Best regards,

Also, out of curiosity, what is the underlying magnifier program?  Is it

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