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El miÃ, 01-08-2007 a las 10:13 -0400, Joanmarie Diggs escribiÃ:
Hi Javier.

When I saw your message I thought this was yet another instance of a bug 
I had filed against Mozilla.  However:

when you try to read some of headings for example "bienvenido a Orca"
the text under the title of heading is not read.Orca skip it and goes to
the next heading.

Orca's not skipping it for me.  Things are working as expected. I'm also 
using the latest Firefox build and Orca from svn trunk.  After the 
heading it finds the Orca logo image and after that the different news 
lines and links.

Sorry, I found it's work OK on "bienvenido a Orca" before the logo, but
if you go down the page after the table of content (tabla de contenidos)
in the "acerca de" heading begins the problem.

Browsing this site I have observed that when you go to the home (presing
control+home) Orca keeps on the "navigation" heading level 5.

The section in the upper left corner of the page on is the navigation 
section.  Even without Orca running, pressing Control Home in Firefox 
moves me there.

However, there is a extrange behavior here. At this point (upper left corner) 
if I down arrow I never arrive to the content of the page, which it's located at the right side of the page 
I think, 
and if I up arrow I can now read the content at the right.

Take care.


Francisco Javier Dorado MartÃnez (javier tiflolinux org)

Grupo de usuarios ciegos y deficientes visuales de GNU/Linux

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