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hello jonie and all brillient developers and testers on the thread.
I am more than happy that for the last two days I have been using ff
and orca pritty easily and with great comfort although with not total
I tried another experiment today afternoon (by indian standard time).
I told a very smart young student who has just started learning
computer to try out orca with ubuntu.
he has just recently started to use computer and is totally blind.
guess what, he found orca very useful and did not find any problems at
all.  the reason is that he never used jaws or window-eyes.
I got him started with nvda on windows which is a foss based screen reader.
and one more compliment for orca developers.
kindly visit and find that orca is completely fine with
the web site.
try the same with jaws, windows and internet explorer.  you will find
it nothing less then blindly in accessible.  I can't read a single
page on that site with jaws, but orca opened the gates to that web
site for me.
by the way I am sorry for chiming again and again on the same offer,
but kindly guide me as to where I can start for helping out on
accessibility with firefox.  I know jonie and a few others are putting
a hueg eford every day to make the web experience better.  and I want
to contribute in it too!  I am very good to go with python and can
understand at-spi to some extent.
tell me how I can contribute over and above the experiments I am doing
for testing.
another thing I find problem with is open office.  I suppose ubuntu
feisty comes with version 2.2 and what is more accessible is 2.3, is
there some way I can get it and have orca work with it?  do I have to
download it and just install and expect orca to work all right with
can some one give me the right url to download the right (most
accessible ) version of open office?
any ways, before I forget,
I did svn co with the proper instructions but the message I get is as follows.
svn: report request failed on and the svn address.
what could be the problem?
one more suggestion before I sign off for the next couple of hours.
can we have a dockable installer package for orca with the latest of
orca source and build-dependencies?
basically I travel to many remote villages in India where there is no
internet connection.  so I can't do sudo apt-get build-dep.
I know that orca source is easily available in a tar.gz archive, but
the gnome-common and build dep needs apt-get to go on the internet.
can any one please find a solution for this?  it will benifit many
blind people in my country who would otherwise have to depend on lones
and donation for buying jaws and windows.

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