Re: Orca not stopping talking add more to this...restarting the X Server and even rebooting
didn't solve the problem.  I needed to go into the Keyboard Preferences
dialog and muck around with AccessX settings - I enabled StickyKeys and
then disabled it and things seemed to come back to life.  Very very odd.

We're looking at this on Solaris to see if the problem exists there,
too.  If it doesn't, I think this might be a Ubuntu problem, but I have
no idea how or what is making this happen.


On Wed, 2006-10-25 at 10:27 -0400, Willie Walker wrote:
Very odd.  I just checked with debugging enabled in Orca and it seems as
though Orca no longer get keyboard events from the AT-SPI once you've
mucked with the NumLock key.  As a result, Orca won't interrupt speech
on a key press since it's not getting any key presses.

I can also verify this with the src/tools/ module in
the orca sources, and it looks like NumLock is toxic for me - once I've
enabled it, I'm hosed and need to restart the X server.


On Wed, 2006-10-25 at 12:37 +1000, Bart Bunting wrote:

Thanks for the tip, it seems that that was my problem!

Does anyone know why this is so?  Is it intended behaviour or a bug or

Wow Orca is much more useful when you can stop speech!


Lorenzo Taylor writes:
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 > It seems that if the numlock is on Orca will not interrupt.  I'm not
 > sure why this is or if this is even your problem, but the last time this
 > happened to me I found out my numlock was on.  If in fact it is on and
 > you turn it off the problem should go away.
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