Re: Orca Installing on Debian Sarge

Hello petra,

On Wed, 18 Oct 2006, Petra Ritter wrote:

Has somebody on this list managed to install Orca on Sarge /testing

In the list archive I sow some posting on this topic, however I did
not find a message that says wether the installation was successful
or not at the end.

I have a Sarge/testing system and would like to try install Gnome and Orca
on it.

I'm running Etch having upgraded from Sarge. it's important that you make sure that you have Gnome 2.14 or higher for Orca to run.. When you configure it, you'll get error messages if not all dependencies are met. You can then go and get them and start again. However, you won't get an error message if you don't have Pyorbit installed. You can run configure, make and make install without any problems, but Orca won't run. So make sure that you've got Pyorbit installed.


Bertil Smark Nilsson

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