Re: Orca seeing the help system with orca.

Hi Mike:

I just played around with this a little bit.  Yelp is an odd little
application, and I notice that it *is* accessible via orca if you start
orca after yelp starts.  But, orca doesn't do a good job with it if orca
is started before yelp starts.  Since the latter is the normal operating
mode of a user, we definitely need to fix this.  I've logged a bug here:



On Sun, 2006-10-08 at 20:15 -0500, mike coulombe wrote:
Sorry about that I hit the wrong key in the subject line before.
Does the help system work with orca.
I press f1 and get some speech.
But I don't get to any topics. 
Other times in a ap I do get a listing with numbers, but nothing I try seems to open and read them.
If anyone has done this, I would appreciate the commands to make it work.
Thanks Mike.
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