Re: Orca has trouble finding dialogs

Willie Walker wrote:
That's a bit torrent client. It has a CLI and a GUI front end available
in two separate ubuntu packages, bittornado and bittornado-gtk, i think
it was called.

Aha - bittornado-gui is the package name on Ubuntu.  The thing keeps
asking me for a *.torrent file and then pops up a usage dialog and
crashes when I press Cancel.  I've never really used a bittorrent
before, though, so I might be doing something wrong.
That's also a problem i had, so i went to a web page with a link that
pointed me to a bittorrent file and tried to click on it. I got the
"Open  with" dialog in Firefox and decided to open the file with
Bittornado. After hitting the OK button to get out of the dialog, the
bittornado client came up, but i couldn't access it and so on, because i
had to reach a dialog where it would ask me to save the session
somewhere, and that dialog couldn't be accessed. I couldn't reach the
dialog. agenda wizard, there must be a dialog present because
there pops up a read-only template and there appears to be form fields
which you can fill in, and those must be in a dialog that Orca can't
I'd like to check this out.  How do you bring up the agenda wizard?

1. make sure you have the Java runtime and the java access bridge
2. Go to File|Wizards and from there choose "agenda..." There should pop
up a dialog box where you can change settings for things as participants
in a meeting and so on and so forth, but Orca can't see that dialog,
only the template of the agenda. It doesn't matter if you minimize
windows that could be in the way. Orca doesn't reach that dialog anyway.

Hmmm...very interesting.  This is probably worth filing as a bug.

Should i file it against Orca or

Yes, but i didn't want to abuse the bug filing system if i had only made
a stupid mistake on my end, would be kinda unnecessary, don'tcha

I definitely appreciate your concern here.  The fact that you're showing
concern shows that you probably wouldn't be an abuser of the bug
system.  :-)
Yes, that's why i first ask if it's worth filing bugs on the mailing
list because if it turns out it was a mistake on my end, i'd feel very
embarrased and newbie like if i screamed about it on the bug tracking

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