Orca has trouble finding dialogs

Hi to the list.
I have encountered a little strangeness in Orca v 2.17.1. It seems that
Orca has trouble finding and focusing on certain dialog boxes. When
these dialogs come up, it looks as if Orca hangs, but it doesn't it sits
waiting for commands which can't be performed because there's a dialog
box waiting for answers in the background somewhere, at least that's
what i think. When i try reaching this dialog box with alt+tab, nothing
happens and Orca just cycles around the open program(s) but apparently
doesn't see the dialog.
The programs where this is most frequent and where this behaviour is
reprodusable, at least on my system are:
BitTornado, latest version, where i can't reach the "save as" dialog.
OpenOffice.org agenda wizard, there must be a dialog present because
there pops up a read-only template and there appears to be form fields
which you can fill in, and those must be in a dialog that Orca can't
Mozilla quality feedback agent.
Are these known problems that you work on or is it bug filing time

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