Re: Orca Speech not interupting as expected

Willie Walker writes:


Thanks for the info.  Some further digging revealed that it must be a
gnome setting somewhere.

O creating a new user didn't have the problem
O removing all gnome config files from my home dir and things now work

Hi Bart:

There were some infrastructure problems on Ubuntu where Orca wasn't
getting keystroke events (Orca uses keystroke events as an indicator to
interrupt speech).  As a result, Orca wouldn't know when to interrupt
speech.  We never really figured out what was the cause of the problem,
but it seemed to go away in the latest Edgy stuff.


On Tue, 2006-10-03 at 11:57 +1000, bart bunting net au wrote:
Hi all,

I'm new to orca and have it working, both on my debian sid and ubuntu
edgy installs.  I'm using dectalk for the speech but the problem I'm
about to describe happens also if I use festival.

On one machine (the ubuntu one) the speech does not interupt as I
would expect.  For example if I arrow around on the desktop orca reads
every icon in sequence that i move over without any interupts to
speech even if i arrow quickly.  

If i do the same thing on the other machine it exhibits the expected
behaviour, interupting speech when I hit the arrow key and immediately
starts speaking the name of the new item.

Is this a setting somewhere or something, it's really anoying to have
to listen to all that extra speech :).


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