Re: Orca Ubuntu Edgy: -Magnifier does not follow scrolling in Firefox

Robert Cole wrote:

I apologize if this is a previously stated issue.

I am not sure if this is a bug in Orca-Magnifier or Firefox 2.0Beta 2 Accessibility (which I believe is the default browser in Edgy). Basically, when scrolling on a Web page, the magnifier component of Orca does not show the new contents of the browser window until the mouse pointer is moved ( i.e. it does not actively show scrolling). I am unsure of which magnifier (gnome-mag or some other magnifier) is used with Orca, but gnome-mag/Gnopernicus did not have this problem when I tested it. Other than that, the magnifier itself works very well (after changing its default position to a top-horizontal split)

I was going to say that this is probably a Firefox issue, but I'm intigued you say that it worked with gnopernicus. They both use gnome-mag. Was this with the same version of Firefox.

I'm copying the orca list in case this is a regression in magnifier support (may be a regression in Firefox?)


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