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I have what I believe to be the latest Edgy Eft cd for desktop and laptop machines; the disc was burned on 10 or 11-November. I insert the disc, restart the machine, and wait for all drive activity to stop (note there's a short pause). I hit 'f5', '3', and 'enter', twice, as instructed. The drive spins for several minutes. There is a pop in the speakers, then, a few seconds of music, all followed by slow drive activity. Orca never speaks; I've waited over an hour. How do I get to a shell when the x server is running? Once the music has played, is Orca running? With what synth is the cd supplied? I have no idea what's happening and appear to have no keyboard response. All of this leads me to suggest that some sort of serial console monitoring option be added to the accessibility options, particularly on the live cd. Any ideas?

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