Re: orca 0.2.4 compiles, but no more

On Mon, 2006-05-22 at 16:38 +0200, Willem van der Walt wrote:
I am now in a posision where I can compile orca either from the sources of 
2.0.4 or from the latest CVS.
Once installed, I run as a normal user:
orca -t

Hmm...something is going awry here.  What should be happening is that
you get output like the following in the terminal where you started
orca, and the output is also spoken:

Select desired speech server.
1. Fonix DECtalk GNOME Speech Driver
2. Festival GNOME Speech Driver
Enter choice: 2
Enable echo by word?  Enter y or n: n
Enable key echo?  Enter y or n: n
Enable Braille?  Enter y or n: n
Enable Braille Monitor?  Enter y or n: n
Setup complete.  Press Return to continue.

I'm not sure what might be happening.  Can you try to do a "ps -elf" and
grep for both "orca" and "synthesis-driver"?  I'm curious if some stale
things might be hanging around.  In addition, are you running as a
"regular" user or as root?  If you're running as a "regular" user, do
you have any applications running as root on your display? 


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