Re: Orca Options for Starting (was Re: Error caused by the Gnomme-panel!)

Peter saw this same situation on my Gnome while we were both at the ODF
F2F in Edinburugh. Peter's opinion is that Fedora shipped an RC in FC5,
and not the final Gnome-2.14. Hopefully, accessibiliy bugs will prove
sufficient showstoppers against such releases in the future--if this
eval is indeed correct.


Willie Walker writes:
Hi Paul:

I'm guessing you are starting Orca by pressing Alt+F2 and then typing
"orca".  There is a bug in either gnome-panel or GTK that is causing
this crash.  It happens when accessibility is enabled and is quite a
pain in the neck.  

You might try starting Orca by a different means.  Here's just a few

1) Create a desktop icon to launch it.  You can do this by adding a
launcher to the desktop.  Press Ctrl+F10 when the desktop has focus and
choose the "Create Launcher..." menu item.  You can give the desktop
focus by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Tab and cycling through the options.

2) Run orca from a virtual console.  Make sure you are logged in as the
same user as the one starting the graphical desktop and export
DISPLAY=:0.0 if you do this.  This is probably the easiest option and it
gives you direct access to kill/restart orc

3) Disable the automatic starting of the X Window System and use xinit
and ~/.xinitrc instead (you can add a command to start orca in
~/.xinitrc).  With this, you start xinit when logged into a virtual
console.  Unfortunately, the means for disabling the automatic starting
of the X Window System vary by OS distribution.

4) Try adding orca as a startup program via the gnome-session-properties
application. This will start orca automatically when you log in.

Hope this helps!


PS - BTW, what TTS engine are you using for Orca?  It would be great if
we could get Orca to talk to speakup so you could use the same synth.  A
fellow list member may help us accomplish this (I hope! :-)).

On Thu, 2006-06-15 at 14:37 +0100, Lists wrote: 
Hi All,

I have been trying to get Orca-0.2.5 up and running. When I run orca from
within the xwindows it just says "Orca setup" and all speech stops. A
message appears which follows:
The application "gnome-panel" has quit unexpectedly!
Inform the developers of this message.

This error message also occurs sometimes when I am using gnopernicus and I
can't seem to solve it. I use speakup out in the terminal window with an
apollo synth. I am not sure what is going on so please can someone help me
get orca up and running. I feel I am close to achieving this and am excited
about it because up to now I used windows and know little about linux in
general. I guess its thanks to Bill acker and people here on this list that
I know as much as I do now.

Many thanks,


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On Wed, 2006-06-14 at 12:17 -0400, Janina Sajka wrote:
rpm packages of Orca-0.2.5 for Fedora Core 5 are now available from:


The binary is under RPMS, and the source under SRPMS as usual with 

Yeah Janina.  Thanks for your support.

I have first run:

orca -t

from the console, as the same user I am in the gui desktop. Once on 
the desktop, I have issued Alt-F2 and typed:

orca -t

again to get things started. Seems wrong, but is working for me on two 

Can you describe more about what seems wrong?  BTW, the initial setup (i.e.,
passing "-t" or "-s" as a command line argument) should only be needed to be
done once.  Once you've gone through it, you should not need to pass the
argument again.


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