Orca Error caused by the Gnomme-panel!

Hi All,

I have been trying to get Orca-0.2.5 up and running. When I run orca from
within the xwindows it just says "Orca setup" and all speech stops. A
message appears which follows:
The application "gnome-panel" has quit unexpectedly!
Inform the developers of this message.

This error message also occurs sometimes when I am using gnopernicus and I
can't seem to solve it. I use speakup out in the terminal window with an
apollo synth. I am not sure what is going on so please can someone help me
get orca up and running. I feel I am close to achieving this and am excited
about it because up to now I used windows and know little about linux in
general. I guess its thanks to Bill acker and people here on this list that
I know as much as I do now.

Many thanks,


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On Wed, 2006-06-14 at 12:17 -0400, Janina Sajka wrote:
rpm packages of Orca-0.2.5 for Fedora Core 5 are now available from:


The binary is under RPMS, and the source under SRPMS as usual with 

Yeah Janina.  Thanks for your support.

I have first run:

orca -t

from the console, as the same user I am in the gui desktop. Once on 
the desktop, I have issued Alt-F2 and typed:

orca -t

again to get things started. Seems wrong, but is working for me on two 

Can you describe more about what seems wrong?  BTW, the initial setup (i.e.,
passing "-t" or "-s" as a command line argument) should only be needed to be
done once.  Once you've gone through it, you should not need to pass the
argument again.


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