Re: Orca Access issues in Ubuntu Printers window

Hi Joanie:

It looks like the app has some accessibility issues.  

One of the tools in our arsenal, at-poke, allows us to analyze the
widget hierarchy of an app from an AT-SPI point of view.  When I look at
the printer app via at-poke, the panel holding the icons is shown as
having no children.  Bad.  My first guess is that they are using a
custom component to display the icons for the various printers. to figure out where to file the bug.  You can press Insert+F3
when you are running Orca and get some spoken and braille debug
information about the application.  If you have your debug level set to
at least INFO, the debug information will also be sent to the debug file
or console.  Here's an example for the printers app you mention:

SCRIPT INFO: Script name='gnome-printer-view (module=orca.default)'
Application name='gnome-printer-view' Toolkit name='GAIL'

This at least tells you what the app is telling AT-SPI its name is
(gnome-printer-view).  This *usually* is a good indication of what the
name of the executable is, and it's *usually* also the name of the
component at  But, it's not a guarantee.  In
this particular case, I had to do some Google queries and pull some
components out of GNOME CVS to actually determine the associated
component is "gnome-cups-manager".

So...I think the thing to do is file a bug or two against
gnome-cups-manager: 1) you cannot use the keyboard to get to the icons,
and 2) you cannot programmatically get to the icons via the AT-SPI.
Typically, we also become gnome-cups-manager developers for a day and
submit a patch - it helps guarantee the bug actually gets fixed. 

My free time today is running short, so I'll look at this tomorrow if
you don't beat me to it.


PS - at-poke is unfortunately inaccessible.  We have an experimental
"hierarchical presenter" in Orca that is intended to provide access via
hierarchical navigation versus focus tracking, but we've disabled it and
it may need some work to get going again.

On Sun, 2006-07-16 at 13:04 -0400, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
In a different thread, Will said:

When an application doesn't provide this kind of support, we
generally consider it an application bug.  In these cases,
we file bugs against the application and also try to script for it in

In that vein:  In Ubuntu, when I go to the System menu, select the
Administration submenu, and from there select Printing, I'm placed in a
window called Printers.  It contains an icon for New Printer and, in my
case, one additional icon for my printer.  I do not see any way to get
to these icons via the keyboard, nor do I see any way to access them via
Orca.  I used the mouse to click on one of the icons figuring if I could
get focus there, perhaps I could then use the arrow keys.  Nope.  Also,
having clicked on one of the icons, I figured I might then be able to
flat review to it.  Nope.  As best as I can tell, as far as the keyboard
and Orca are concerned, those icons are not there.  Since I have no idea
against which app to file the bug, I'm posting it here.  Hope y'all
don't mind. :)


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