Re: Orca incoming messages in Gaim not being read; work-around no longer working

Hi Joanie,

I wanted to let you know of something I did as far as gaim goes. I had
installed by default 1.5.1, but wanted to install a plugin. I had to
uninstall 1.5.1 and install 1.5.0 for it to work. After doing so I
realized my gaim sounds were not working I dont' know why, but all my
sounds are now set to console beeps. Though I like hearing sounds, I
find that orca now reads IM sessions with incoming messagtes as well as
out going. Before I had the issue you were having where orca didn't read
anything in IM sessions, but did in chat rooms so go figure, so I used
flat review.

  I need to find out where gaim stores it's sounds so I can reassign
them, because when I change my skeme from console beep to command, I get
an error when a sounds is trying to be played.

On Sun, 2006-07-16 at 13:45 -0400, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hi Rich.

I suddenly realized that you should be able to just add the new 
script to your
~/.orca/orca-scripts directory and it'll be picked up. So I've attached 

I just diffed what you attached with what I had in the Orca scripts
directory, and the contents are identical. So I am indeed using the new

Thanks for your help!

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