Re: Orca Access issues in Ubuntu Printers window

Hi Will.

I just built at-poke and launched the printer app.  I see the lack of
children for the panel, as you mentioned.  I also see a list of the states
that I'm slowly, but surely becoming familiar with through Orca's debugging
utilities. :)  I'll definitely be checking out at-poke further.  Thanks for
the tip!

From both at-poke and Insert F3, I see that gnome-printer-view is the

this particular case, I had to do some Google queries and pull some
components out of GNOME CVS to actually determine the associated
component is "gnome-cups-manager".

Currently beyond my level, but noted for future reference. :)

So...I think the thing to do is file a bug or two against
gnome-cups-manager: 1) you cannot use the keyboard to get to the icons,
and 2) you cannot programmatically get to the icons via the AT-SPI.

Makes sense.  I am (was) comfortable filing the bug regarding the inability
to use the keyboard to get to the icons, since I fully understand that
issue.  However, looking at bugzilla, the closest I can come to
gnome-cups-manager is:

Classification: Platform
Application: eggcups

When I look at component, my choices are notification and session-cupsd,
neither of which strike me as being quite right due, undoubtedly, to my lack
of understanding.  So.... I tried to "beat you to it" :) But I think that it
would make more sense for you to file the bug(s).  If you wouldn't mind
posting the bug id(s) here so that I can have a look, the next time I come
across this sort of issue I'll use at-poke and follow your example.

Thanks so much for a great overview on identifying accessibility issues!

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