Orca Access issues in Ubuntu Printers window

In a different thread, Will said:

When an application doesn't provide this kind of support, we
generally consider it an application bug.  In these cases,
we file bugs against the application and also try to script for it in

In that vein:  In Ubuntu, when I go to the System menu, select the
Administration submenu, and from there select Printing, I'm placed in a
window called Printers.  It contains an icon for New Printer and, in my
case, one additional icon for my printer.  I do not see any way to get
to these icons via the keyboard, nor do I see any way to access them via
Orca.  I used the mouse to click on one of the icons figuring if I could
get focus there, perhaps I could then use the arrow keys.  Nope.  Also,
having clicked on one of the icons, I figured I might then be able to
flat review to it.  Nope.  As best as I can tell, as far as the keyboard
and Orca are concerned, those icons are not there.  Since I have no idea
against which app to file the bug, I'm posting it here.  Hope y'all
don't mind. :)


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