Re: Orca orca on ubuntu

Hi, Cody.

Cody wrote:
I then compiled orca 0.2.5 and I launched it from the terminal as he said, and I can see enough to see the orca prefs window comes up but no speech however gnopernicus will speak for me

Ok, interesting. Well when I compiled orca I logged out, and back in with no speech before launching orca. I noticed gnopernicus and orca don't like being unloaded and the other loaded one right after the other. So try that.
If that fails run test-speech to make sure gnome-speech is accessible.
I am not sure about your build configuration and this sounds like a config issue rather than anything else. Either that or orca is coming up with the wrong synthesis driver or something. It should have talked after typing orca as that is what mine did.

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