Re: Orca orca on ubuntu

Hi, Cody.

Cody wrote:

1. uncommented the several universe lines in the sources.list file in /etc/apt/

That is good, but I don't recommend the orca package.

2. ran a sudo apt-get update
3. Once that was done which took only a few minutes, I then ran apt-get install gnome-orca

Be advised that the gnome-orca package is out of date. I did what you did at first as well and I only got gnome-orca 0.2.22. I ended up compiling gnome-speech and orca from the gnome ftp sources.

4. rebooted then logged in as a user, then hit alt f2 and ran orca. Nothing happened, no sound, nothing.

Yeah, that is a massive bug under Ubuntu. When you run apps from the run dialog under Ubuntu, especially orca, the gnome pannel crashes hanging the entire desktop.
There is a work around though.

 What am I doing wrong?

Don't run orca directly from the run dialog. Instead go to run, type gnome-terminal, followed by enter. Hit backspace to confirm you are actually in the terminal. If you hear a beep from your pc speaker you are in gnome-terminal. From in gnome terminal type orca. it should load with the default synthesis driver which is festival. After orca is working you will have to enable access support for gnome, log out, and log back in. After you are logged back in you will want to run orca again from gnome-terminal, and set up a session for orca to launch automaticly upon logging in.

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