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Hi Joanie,

Well, I just followed tom's info and advice, all seems to go as planned I ran an install of build-essentials python-dev 2.4, automake 1.9, and gnome devel. I then compiled orca 0.2.5 and I launched it from the terminal as he said, and I can see enough to see the orca prefs window comes up but no speech however gnopernicus will speak for me thought hat has it's own issues. Let me take a look at that post.

So what am I doing wrong now?

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Hi Cody. On my desktop I built Orca from sources, got that same error,
and was equally puzzled.  I suppose in an ideal "Linux for Human Beings"
world, there is no need to compile stuff. <smile>  Anyway, I installed
gcc and then tried again and got a couple of different warnings which
totally escape me now. But suffice it to say there were a few other
packages that needed obtaining first.

On my laptop, however, I got 2.5 up and running almost instantly thanks
to Luke's making the packages available.  Read his original post:

I think you'll find it easier than building.

Take care.

On Fri, 2006-07-07 at 08:24 -0700, Cody wrote:
thanks, I will compile orca from sources. I will need to update, as I have already tried to install via sources and already saw it wouldn't work which sent me for a loop but since you explained that, I understand now. Also, how
does any linux distribution not come with a c compiler? when I tried to
compile orca it gave me an error saying no c compiler found. beets me but

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> Hi, Cody.
> Cody wrote:
> 1. uncommented the several universe lines in the sources.list file in
> /etc/apt/
> That is good, but I don't recommend the orca package.
> 2. ran a sudo apt-get update
> 3. Once that was done which took only a few minutes, I then ran apt-get
> install gnome-orca
> Be advised that the gnome-orca package is out of date. I did what you
> did at first as well and I only got gnome-orca 0.2.22. I ended up
> compiling gnome-speech and orca from the gnome ftp sources.
> 4. rebooted then logged in as a user, then hit alt f2 and ran orca.
> Nothing happened, no sound, nothing.
> Yeah, that is a massive bug under Ubuntu. When you run apps from the > run
> dialog under Ubuntu, especially orca, the gnome pannel crashes hanging
> the entire desktop.
> There is a work around though.
>  What am I doing wrong?
> Don't run orca directly from the run dialog. Instead go to run, type
> gnome-terminal, followed by enter. Hit backspace to confirm you are
> actually in the terminal. If you hear a beep from your pc speaker you
> are in gnome-terminal. From in gnome terminal type orca. it should load
> with the default synthesis driver which is festival.
> After orca is working you will have to enable access support for gnome,
> log out, and log back in.
> After you are logged back in you will want to run orca again from
> gnome-terminal, and set up a session for orca to launch automaticly > upon
> logging in.
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