Re: People widgets plans

Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
 * Clicking on both the text and the icon open a chat. Hovering for a
bit displays the details dialog. (same behavior as gmail)
Hovering to bring up the details dialog seems inconsistent with the rest of the bigboard. We usually just show some tooltip when you hover over something. Also, currently, if you hover over the currently played music information which can be a part of the person item view, it brings up the music details. On the other hand, right click in the Files stock shows the slideout. Maybe we can do the same in the people stock.

Though I too find it confusing that clicking on some sections of the person item brings up the chat, and clicking on other sections brings up the details slideout, I am not sure that using the left click on any part of the person item should be dedicated to opening the chat. I find that I want to lookup some details (such as an e-mail or an external account) about the person at least as often as I want to open a chat dialog. Maybe we can just have an explicit "Chat" link next to a presence icon.

Sorting people displayed based on how much you actually chat with them should help make the people stock more chat-oriented. However, it is worth remembering that there can be a long tail of people who don't have IM accounts (particularly, in the Mugshot contacts case) or are not online. Dedicating a left click to opening a chat window in these cases would be a huge waste of a left click option :).

It is also good to keep in mind that there is a people browser view that you get when you click More on the people stock, and develop these views in parallel. Left-clicking on the items there currently shows the person's details in the view on the left.

One other things that I would like to see from the people stock redesign, is making it easier to select person's e-mail. Right now, when I see someone's email in the details slideout, I can click on it, and it opens a compose message window in Thunderbird (my default mail application). From there, I can copy and paste the e-mail to a webmail account, if I wish to use that. However, there is no way to select an e-mail directly from the details view to paste it to the webmail account. Further, if I didn't have any local mail application set up, I wouldn't be able to copy the address at all. It would be useful to have a "Copy Email Address" option on the left click. In the future, we could also have options such as "Compose Mail from username gmail com" which would open a compose message form in Gmail.

Also, I noticed that the default action for the people search results right now is to open a Mugshot page. This needs to change, since IM contacts or people who have not accepted a Mugshot invitation do not have a Mugshot page. I think we should open a people browser with the person item selected and the details showing in all cases.


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