Re: People widgets plans

On Mon, 2008-05-19 at 14:28 -0400, Marina Zhurakhinskaya wrote:
> Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> >  * Clicking on both the text and the icon open a chat. Hovering for a
> > bit displays the details dialog. (same behavior as gmail)
> Hovering to bring up the details dialog seems inconsistent with the rest 
> of the bigboard. We usually just show some tooltip when you hover over 
> something. Also, currently, if you hover over the currently played music 
> information which can be a part of the person item view, it brings up 
> the music details. On the other hand, right click in the Files stock 
> shows the slideout.  Maybe we can do the same in the people stock.

We had discussed doing the details slideout on hover before, but the 
blocking issue for that was figuring out:

 - Mousing to the slideout - slideout should stay up
 - Mousing to the next item - slideout should go to that items

So you would need something like the GtkMenu "stay up triangle", which
we spent a lot of time on, though it works well now. I never wanted to
commit to trying to port those algorithms code to Bigboard, but it might
not be a huge job.

Then you'd have to figure out if those slideouts are annoying:

 - There would be quite a bit of flashing
 - If you accidentally moused over the bigboard, you'd get a popup
   and would have to mouse back over it's whole width to get it
   to go down.

Those are questions that may not be answerable without actually trying
it out and seeing how it feels.

You'd also need to figure out the interaction of it with the music
tooltip, though possibly we could just integrate that information (the
cover art, etc), into the details slideout.

I think the slideout on right click on the file stock is just a bit
weird and a lot of people won't find it. I'm not sure why it feels
cryptically hidden while the menu doesn't feel hidden in the file
browser - one reason I think is that the file stock is slightly "neither
here or there" graphically ... it doesn't look quite like a menu, or a
web page, or a file manager, so there isn't a lot of built-in
expectation for how it should behave.

- Owen

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