People widgets plans


I added to the wiki some initial notes about the work I'm planning to
do on the People widget. I'd appreciate feedback, especially on the UI
ideas and on the open questions.


== UI improvements ==

 * Use smaller icons, likely the same size of applications icons.
Display status in a non textual way. Do not display protocol inline,
move it to the details dialog.
 * Automatically sort people, perhaps by the amount of conversations
you had with them. Still allow to override the order.
 * Clicking on both the text and the icon open a chat. Hovering for a
bit displays the details dialog. (same behavior as gmail).
 * Cleanup the layout of the details dialog.

== Empathy support ==

 * Add a --server command line option to empathy to not display the
buddy list on startup.
 * Add a DBus service to empathy with methods to open chat windows and
the configuration dialog.
 * Make desktop-data-model monitor buddy info using libempathy.
 * Switch the online desktop session to use empathy.
 * Switch bigboard to use the empathy dbus service.

== Open questions ==

 * Should we keep support for pidgin?

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