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Manuel Rego Casasnovas wrote:

On Fri, 2008-04-11 at 14:01 -0400, Marina Zhurakhinskaya wrote:
If you have an interest in an application outside of the bigboard getting the accounts information, we can prioritize breaking the Accounts system out into a separate python module and providing a D-Bus API for it. We can also change if there is some functionality that is missing in it or if there are some other account types that need to be added if you plan to use it for a new bigboard widget. There is also a plan to have the accounts dialog have a version that only lets the user edit a subset of account types, so that the user can concentrate on the current task. For example, a dialog with only Twitter accounts that is opened up for a Twitter widget or a dialog with only photo site accounts that is opened up for F-Spot.

I have some doubts related with this. For example, I've read a previous
thread [1] that talks about how to provide Online Desktop support to
Tomboy application, thinking to use as storage system an external web
service, Remeber The Milk (RTM) [2].
I don't know how is this development at the moment, however I see that
RTM accounts as stored under "/apps/bigboard/accounts/" at GConf, I
think that it's because you're developing a Big Board widget to provide
an online Tomboy.
In my opinion, it'd be better modify Tomboy to allow it to synchronize
with RTM independently of Big Board. In this case RTM accounts shouldn't
be stored under "/apps/bigboard/accounts/", because Big Board won't
use them.

Maybe I don't explain me fine. I'm going to try to rewrite my idea.
I'd like that Online Desktop provides me synchronization services
transparently. About note-taking, I'd like to use Tomboy at work to
write a note, and when I open Tomboy at home have the same note written.
I don't like have to use a new application (maybe a Big Board widget)
that provides me an online note-taking system, I prefer don't have to
change my common application to take notes.
For this reason I think that accounts system should be a module
separated of Big Board, and consequently accounts wouldn't be stored
under "/apps/bigboard/accounts/", for example they would be stored
below "/apps/online-desktop/accounts/" and every GNOME application
(Tomboy, Big Board, or other application) should be able to get/set
information about this accounts and use this information for your own
Yes, this is exactly the plan for the Accounts system, and that's what I meant by "breaking the Accounts system out into a separate python module and providing a D-Bus API for it". It doesn't even matter as much which GConf directory we'll end up storing the accounts in, whether it is "/apps/bigboard/accounts/", "/apps/online-desktop/accounts/", or "/desktop/gnome/online-accounts" (something we are considering). While Tomboy can modify accounts in whatever GConf directory is used for storing them, the important feature of the Accounts system would be that it would provide Tomboy with an API to get the Remember The Milk account information from the GConf and a dialog to prompt the user about it. This way Tomboy would not need to have the code for storing stuff in the GConf or prompting the user about it. If there is a Remember The Milk widget that is part of the Big Board, it will use the same Accounts system API to get the RTM account information.
Maybe I'm completely wrong, it's only my opinion, and I like to know
what do you think about this possibility.

In addition to continuing this discussion on the mailing list, feel free to join #online-desktop on GimpNet with any questions!

IMHO you should add this irc channel at
below "Discussion" [3].
Thank you for pointing this out! I updated the wiki page.

Finally, thank you very much to answer all my questions I'm very
grateful for your help.

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