Re: What I can do with Online Desktop at this moment?

Manuel Rego Casasnovas wrote:
About this I have a question, where the Gmail account is stored?

For example for each loved accounts there are four properties stored:
iconURL, link, sentiment and accountType.

If an application uses an external web service like Gmail, it needs to
store at least: link and user.
This information is stored in any place at this moment?

I see that Big Board stores this information at GConf
below /apps/bigboard/accounts/, however I don't know if this is the
suitable place.
I think that could be that it gets this information from any resource at, it's only an idea I don't know which is the right way.

You can find the logic for getting GMail accounts in bigboard/bigboard/ In particular, you can see a request to the data model for "googleEnabledEmails" and how we process the response.

Google accounts are provided by (you can see that get_provided_by_server() is True for KIND_GOOGLE account kind). In the future, we'll have other accounts that might not necessarily be provided by All accounts are stored locally in the GConf, under /apps/bigboard/accounts/, just as you pointed out. In the case with Google accounts, GConf will only have the accounts that were obtained from It is possible to disable an account locally, and that setting is stored locally in the GConf, and synced across different instances of Online Desktop due to the GConf sync. The password is stored locally in the GNOME Keyring.

Google enabled e-mails can include e-mails that are supported by Google Apps For Your Domain (GAFYD). Currently, the Google Calendar widget and the e-mail notifier are supposed to work for multiple accounts, including GAFYD ones (though this hasn't been tested for a while), but the Google Mail widget doesn't -- it only supports one Gmail account. The user can indicate which e-mails are supported by Google in the "Google Services" section of their account page. GMail e-mails are automatically marked as such. If you want to write an application or a widget that uses Google accounts, you should decide if it's going to support multiple accounts and if it's going to support GAFYD accounts (this is not very hard). Of course just supporting one GMail account is a start too :).


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