Re: What I can do with Online Desktop at this moment?


These days I can notice (thanks to "ddm-viewer") that, for example, I
can know when a user is online or not at, getting the
value of property "online" at resource "".
Moreover I can get information about loved accounts reading the property
"lovedAccounts" at resource "";.

On Thu, 2008-04-03 at 15:59 -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> You can get the Gmail account name already. What isn't there is a
> standard way to get the password or prompt for it. We'll probably
> eventually provide a Python convenience library for that.... though
> the underlying store for the password is something standard to GNOME,
> the GNOME keyring.

About this I have a question, where the Gmail account is stored?

For example for each loved accounts there are four properties stored:
iconURL, link, sentiment and accountType.

If an application uses an external web service like Gmail, it needs to
store at least: link and user.
This information is stored in any place at this moment?

I see that Big Board stores this information at GConf
below /apps/bigboard/accounts/, however I don't know if this is the
suitable place.
I think that could be that it gets this information from any resource at, it's only an idea I don't know which is the right way.

Thank you very much,

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